LPC Workshop on Exotic Top Partners

WH11SE (Sunrise) (LPC)

WH11SE (Sunrise)


John Paul Chou (Rutgers, State Univ. of New Jersey (US)) , Ulrich Heintz (Brown University (US))
The aim of this workshop is to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers that work on "exotic" top partners.  The discovery of a Higgs boson at 126 GeV has made acute the electroweak-Planck hierarchy problem.  Its resolution may lie in the discovery of partners to the top quark that cancel the quadratic divergence of the 1-loop correction to the Higgs mass. The focus of the workshop will be to discuss top partners outside of the context of the canonical CMSSM.  Such top partners could include stops and sbottoms in R-parity-violating models of SUSY, unnatural/split SUSY, or vector-like quarks such as those that arise in Little-Higgs models.

This workshop will also bring together experimentalists working on these topics from each of the three different search groups at CMS (Exotica, SUSY, and Beyond Two Generations).  This forum will allow for future planning and coordination between these groups in preparation for the upcoming 13 TeV run.  Discussions of the various tools needed to conduct these searches will be held.

Among the topics of interest for the workshop and open session are:
  • Searches for 3rd generation vector-like quarks, including rare decays;
  • Searches for stops and sbottoms decaying with RPV couplings;
  • Searches for long-lived stops, including heavy stable charged particles;
  • Boosted object techniques such as W/Z tagging, top tagging, and Higgs tagging;
  • Improved presentation of results and communication with theorists.

The workshop structure is as follows:
  • Thursday, September 26 - Joint Theoretical/Experimental Sessions
    • Location WH11SE
    • Highlights in current theoretical work on this area
    • Recent results from the experimental community
    • Significant time allotted for discussion
  • Friday, September 27 - CMS Workshop Sessions
    • Location WH11SE
    • Short talks on EXO, B2G, and SUS results related to the primary topics of this workshop
    • Discussion of the status of tools and techinques relevant to the searches
The first day of the workshop will be open while the second day will be restricted to CMS collaborators. A nominal registration fee of 50 USD is due upon arrival to cover expenses for coffee and snacks. NOTE: The registration fee can ONLY be collected in USD as Cash or Check (We DO NOT have a provision to collect this fee by credit card).

Social event: Thursday night dinner at Two Brothers tap house
Two Brothers Brewing Company is the largest independently owned and operated craft brewer in Chicagoland. Their tap house, located in a hidden corner near the south-east boundary of Fermilab, is a local attraction. Their "atom smasher" brand of beer is very popular. We plan to head out there immediately after the conclusion of Day 1 (open session) of the workshop. Please let us know if you would like to join. Everybody will pay their own tab. For menu and direction please see http://www.twobrotherstaphouse.com