Summary of CCRC08 planning conference call of Jan 28 2008 The meeting was chaired by J.Shiers with notes taken by H.Renshall. The agenda with attached material is at and the associated Twiki is at Representatives Present: Tier0 (M.C-S), WLCG (JS, HR, GM), ALICE (PM, LB), ATLAS (SC, KB), LHCb (RS), CMS (AS, DB), TRIUMF (RT), NL-T1 (RT), PIC (GM), BNL (ME), IN2P3 (FH) Papers concerning current service issues of concern and possible service interventions are also attached to the agenda. Minutes of the previous meeting: (HR) No comments. CCRC'08 Calendar: (JS) The ccrc08 Wiki now includes a tabular calendar (thanks to P.Mendez) of major activities. We invite experiments to send us their additions such as other significant activities, software release dates etc. Items should be high level but relevant. The calendar currently only runs to June but will be extended to cover the whole year. JS queried if it should also have a site view but the consensus was to keep it with experiment views only. Metrics : (JS) There are still some gaps in the metrics that the MB wants filled. DM group have now proposed metrics for the conditions data bases (attached to the agenda) and experiments and Tier 1 are invited to comment and think of establishing metrics for their own database services. Metrics for the conditions service - akin to those defined initial for DBL3 and later extended to HEPDB in the LEP era - should also be established. (Conditions data must be made available within one hour onsite and a few hours at external sites; data integrity metrics etc.). I would like comments on this from the experiment reprocessing experts. Known Issues and Workarounds: GM said there is a new issue of Tier 2 sites migrating to srm2 where there was a correlation with an OSG rollout in the US. Atlas would like as many Tier 2 on srm2 as possible. The FTS team think about 100 are but will check. In the service issues JS said the SRM second point of not choosing the correct pool for a bring online operation in dcache will affect reprocessing and may affect data export by filling the wrong pools. If we get this far in the February functional tests we will have learned a lot but it must be resolved for the May run. JS has also added to the agenda, and ccrc08 Twiki, an associated service interventions page where we have put known intervention plans at CERN during February. He asked what other concerns and plans there are from the sites and experiments. LB pointed out that there are storage solutions being proposed in the service issues but which do not have a matching intervention proposed e.g. Castor and dpm upgrades. JS agreed these should be added to the interventions page. AOB: The Feb 5 pre-GDB face-to-face meeting will review the remaining service, site and experiment concerns and issues. H.Renshall IT/Grid Support