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Alessandro Di Girolamo (CERN) , I Ueda (Department of Particle Physics-University of Tokyo)
ADC Weekly (17 Dec 2013)
Chaired by: Ueda, I; Di Girolamo, Alessandro

---> Rucio renaming: deadline for sites
deadline 1st of February. sites not migrated (or not started/agreed) will be excluded from ATLAS DDM.

---> AMOD/ADCoS report
Openssl issue 1'
for sites and central services, please read
"openssl issue"

---> MC production
xmas break:
- std requests 70/100Mevents (10 days of "full grid")
- pre-DC14 campaign. plan to use multicore for this. 80M signal samples+ 70M signle particles

?Peter: regarding MCORE. are these jobs starting to flow? when? can you send us email.
- not sent anything yet (validation of task waiting)
? 250M events: can you estimate the volume produced?
- few hundreds of TBs
Reprocessing activity: period B,D (D after B is mostly done)
workload less than a week.
- running fully automatic mode, we don't touch anything.
- we have MCP sites (e.g. CERN)

More on MultiCore
message to sites:
Configure MCORE queues fully dynamically if experienced with it
Static allocation otherwise: 50% of production resources for T1 and big T2

DPD production during xmas
cache being validated now.. 270kb/evt for data and 340kb/evnt for MC.
Long jobs (over 1 day)
data 1.6PB for 2 copies on datadisk. MC is 3.6 PB for 2 copies.

? NTUP_COMMON v1 tape migration is ok?

DDM: space overview (and prediction)
NTUP_COMMON v1 the T2 copies (2) can be secondarized. David/Tomas will check with AK.

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    • 15:40 15:45
      possible delay 5m
    • 15:45 15:50
      Hot topics
      • 15:45
        Rucio renaming: deadline for sites 5m
        Speakers: Cedric Serfon (CERN - PH/ADP) , Tomas Kouba (CERN - PH/ADP)
    • 15:50 16:05
      AMOD/ADCoS report 15m
      Speakers: Alexey Sedov (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES)) , Kai Leffhalm (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE)) , Michal Svatos (Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Rep. (CZ))
      • Openssl issue 1m
        for sites and central services, please read "openssl issue"
    • 16:05 16:10
      MC production short term plans 5m
      Speakers: Jose Enrique Garcia Navarro (Universidad de Valencia (ES)) , Wolfgang Ehrenfeld (Universitaet Bonn (DE))
    • 16:10 16:25
      Reprocessing short term plans 15m
      Speakers: Andrej Filipcic (CERN - PH/UAT) , Till Eifert (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US))
    • 16:25 16:40
      Group production short term plans 15m
      Speaker: Nurcan Ozturk (University of Texas at Arlington (US))
    • 16:40 16:55
      DDM: space overview 15m
      Speaker: Tomas Kouba (Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Rep. (CZ))
    • 16:55 17:00
      AOB 5m
      • network reports (if any)
        - for T2(D)s against T1s - for T1s against T2Ds
      • Analysis Availability Reports
        FR report
      • webDAV plans 5m