15-20 June 2014
Laurentian University / Université Laurentienne
America/Toronto timezone
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The high cost of science disengagement of Canadian Youth: Reimagining Physics Teacher Education for 21st Century

17 Jun 2014, 13:45
C-114 (Laurentian University / Université Laurentienne)


Laurentian University / Université Laurentienne

Sudbury, Ontario
Invited Speaker / Conférencier invité Women in Physics / Femmes en physique (CEWIP-CEFEP) (T2-4) Gender and Arts in Physics Teaching - CEWIP-DPE / Genre et arts dans l'enseignement de la physique - CEFEP-DEP


Dr Marina Milner-Bolotin (The University of British Columbia)


Last year, Let’s Talk Science released a report on the cost of high school students’ dropping science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. The disengagement of Canadian students with STEM has dire economic and political consequences for the country: less than 50% of our secondary students take advanced STEM courses and even fewer decide to pursue science-heavy degrees. Thus, it is not surprising that for the past decade, Canada has been also falling behind on the innovation index. This talk will attempt to reimagine physics teacher education for the 21st century that will help engage Canadian youth in meaningful physics learning. In order to succeed in this process, teacher education should be grounded in physics education research. Moreover, it will require a long-term collaboration between physics faculty members, teacher educators, university administrators, and school districts. An example of the beginning of such collaboration will be discussed in this talk.

Primary author

Dr Marina Milner-Bolotin (The University of British Columbia)

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