Running and Testing T2 Grid Services with Puppet at GRIF-IRFU

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1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun Okinawa, Japan 904-0495
poster presentation Track6: Facilities, Infrastructure, Network


Dr Sophie Catherine Ferry (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR))


GRIF is a distributed Tiers2 center, made of 6 different centers in the Paris region (France), and serving many VOs. The sub-sites are connected with 10Gbits/s private network and share tools for central management. One of the sub-sites, GRIF-IRFU held and maintained in the CEA-Saclay center, moved a year ago, to a configuration management using Puppet. Thanks to the versatility of Puppet/Foreman automation, the GRIF-IRFU site maintains usual grid services, with among them: a Cream-CE with a Torque+Maui (running a batch with more than 4000 jobs slots), a DPM storage of more than 2PB, a Nagios monitoring essentially based on check_mk, as well as centralized services for the French NGI, like the accounting, or the argus central banning system. We report on the actual functionalities of Puppet and present the last tests and evolutions including a monitoring with Graphite, a HT-condor multi core batch accessed with an ARC-CE and a CEPH storage file system.

Primary author

Dr Sophie Catherine Ferry (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR))


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