Conference Talks and Posters

Various Faces of NA61/SHINE

“Blue” Conference Hall (V.A.Fock Research Institute of Physics.)

“Blue” Conference Hall

V.A.Fock Research Institute of Physics.

Petergov, Ulyanovskaya 1, St. Petersburg, Russia
NA61/SHINE facility shows very different faces on various occasions. While the detector - the large acceptance hadron spectrometer at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron - remains the same, its physics results are very rich. They include measurements for heavy ion physics, neutrino physics and cosmic-ray physics. In my talk I will briefly discuss NA61/SHINE from beams and detector as well as physics points of view, including search for the critical point of strongly interacting matter and detailed study of the onset of deconfinement, and also the hadron production reference measurements for neutrino (T2K) and cosmic-ray (Pierre Auger Observatory, KASCADE-Grande and KASCADE) experiments. Students and colleagues from the Faculty of Physics are invited.