Search for the dark photon in $pi^0$ decays

24 Aug 2015, 17:20
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Cristina Biino (INFN Torino (IT))


A sample of 17 million fully reconstructed $\pi^0$ Dalitz decays produced in charged kaon decays in flight collected by the NA48/2 experiment at CERN in 2003-04 is analysed to search for the dark photon ($A$) via the decay chain $\pi^0 \rightarrow \gamma A$, $A \rightarrow e^+ e^-$. No dark photon signal is observed, and the most stringent limits on the dark photon mixing parameter in the mass range 9-70 MeV are established. Limitations of the method and possible future directions are discussed.

Primary author

Cristina Biino (INFN Torino (IT))

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