Thermodynamics of Quasi-Topological Black Holes in Presence of Born-Infeld Field

24 Aug 2015, 15:30
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Fundamental and String Theory Fundamental/String Theory


Mohammad Ghanaatian (Payame Noor University)


Quartic quasi-topological black holes in the presence of a nonlinear electromagnetic Born-Infeld field is presented. By using the metric parameters, the charged black hole solutions of quasi-topological Born-Infeld gravity is considered.The thermodynamics of these black holes are investigated and I show that the thermodynamics and conserved quantities verify the first law of thermodynamics. I also introduce the thermodynamics of asymptotically AdS rotating black branes with flat horizon of these class of solutions and I calculate the finite action by use of the counterterm method inspired by AdS/CFT correspondence.

Primary author

Mohammad Ghanaatian (Payame Noor University)


Dr Afsaneh Bazrafshan (Jahrom University)

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