The Holographic Twin Higgs

28 Aug 2015, 17:20
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Mr Ofri Telem (Technion)


We present the first realization of a “twin Higgs” model as a holographic composite Higgs model. Uniquely among composite Higgs models, the Higgs potential is protected by a new standard model (SM) singlet elementary “mirror” sector at the sigma model scale f and not by the composite states at mKK, naturally allowing for mKK beyond the LHC reach. As a result, naturalness in our model cannot be constrained by the LHC, but may be probed by precision Higgs measurements at future lepton colliders, and by direct searches for Kaluza-Klein excitations at a 100 TeV collider

Primary authors

Mr Michael Geller (Technion) Mr Ofri Telem (Technion)

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