Flavourful Directions towards Unravelling New Physics

26 Aug 2015, 08:30
Mountain Ballroom ()

Mountain Ballroom

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Emmanuel Stamou (Weizmann Institute of Science)


In this talk I discuss aspects of physics related to flavour dynamics. I focus on observables appearing to be most promising as far as their sensitivity to beyond the Standard Model physics is concerned in view of the awaited data from Run-II of the LHC. I shall look into three complementary directions that are already being pursued individually: One, B- and K-physics probes with new-physics sensitivity and the emerging pattern of possible deviations from the Standard Model expectations. Two, the flavour information buried in current Higgs data and what improvement we can expect from next stages of the LHC. Three, the intriguing possibility of discovering lepton-flavour violation in decays of the Higgs and its consequences for extensions of the Standard Model.

Primary author

Emmanuel Stamou (Weizmann Institute of Science)

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