Resonances in Final States with Leptons and Jets

25 Aug 2015, 17:30


Supersymmetry Phenomenology and Experiment SUSY Expt. and Phenomenology


Joshua Berger (SLAC)


We study the phenomenology of models that contain resonances yielding final states with leptons and jets. Recent searches for a first-generation leptoquark by the CMS collaboration have shown around 2.5 sigma deviations from Standard Model predictions in both the eejj and e nu jj channels. Furthermore, the eejj invariant mass distribution has another 2.8 sigma excess from the CMS right-handed W plus heavy neutrino search. We briefly overview models that could account for the excesses. We focus on supersymmetric models with R-parity violation in which the Higgs is electron-like sneutrino, which could explain the lack of excess in analogous channels with muons. Finally, we make predictions for further signals in other channels.

Primary authors

Jeff Dror (Cornell University) Joshua Berger (SLAC) Wee Hao Ng (Cornell University) Yang Bai (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

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