Global Bayesian Analysis of the Higgs-boson Couplings

27 Aug 2015, 14:20
Cedar House ()

Cedar House

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Jorge de Blas (INFN Rome)


We present results of a bayesian fit to the Wilson coefficients of the Standard Model gauge invariant dimension-6 operators involving one or more Higgs fields, using data on electroweak precision observables and Higgs boson signal strengths.

Primary authors

Diptimoy Ghosh (Weizmann Institute of Science) Enrico Franco (INFN Rome) Jorge de Blas (INFN Rome) Laura Reina (Florida State University (US)) Luca Silvestrini (INFN Rome) Marco Ciuchini (Universita di Roma Tre and INFN) Maurizio Pierini (California Institute of Technology (US)) Satoshi MISHIMA (INFN Rome)

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