Loops at Leading Order: Direct Detection of Dark Matter in the MSSM

28 Aug 2015, 14:00
Cedar House ()

Cedar House

Precision Computations and Monte Carlo Tools, all areas Precision SUSY/Higgs/MCTools


Asher Berlin (University of Chicago)


Most models of WIMPs that possess sizable tree-level interactions with the electroweak bosons of the Standard Model are under ever increasing pressure from the relentless Moore's law like progression of today's direct detection experiments. This has led many to consider various scenarios in which the dark matter candidate instead possesses 1 and 2-loop induced couplings to quarks and gluons at leading order. While much progress has been done in this regard, there remain many interesting avenues to explore. In this talk, I will summarize ongoing work in this direction within the context of the MSSM and discuss the viability to observe/rule-out a few of these types of models.

Primary author

Asher Berlin (University of Chicago)


Carlos E.M. Wagner (University of Chicago) Kathryn Zurek (University of Michigan)

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