Heavy Higgs pure resonance dips in MSSM/2HDM

28 Aug 2015, 15:40
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Higgs Theory and Experiment Higgs Expt., Theory and Phenomenology


Sunghoon Jung (Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS))


We discuss new striking resonance shapes of MSSM heavy Higgs bosons from the resonance-continuum interference with a relative phase: pure resonance dips, nothingness and enhanced pure peaks. We derive conditions for them and devise the modified narrow width approximation(NWA) to work with non-zero imaginary parts. Importantly, ttbar resonance searches at the LHC are crucially impacted. But we will show that the pure $A^0$ resonance dip is a particularly interesting signal; we can still search for it based on current search techniques (even without any interferences taken into account) and the modified NWA. ref: 1505.00291

Primary author

Sunghoon Jung (Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS))

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