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LHC RRB Meeting October 2014

LHC Experiments and World LCG Resources Review Boards

Monday, October 13, 2014


Plenary (CERN (503/1-001))

39th Plenary meeting of the Resources Review Boards

2:00 PM Welcome
Sergio Bertolucci
Draft Minutes of the previous meeting
2:05 PM CERN Status and News
Sergio Bertolucci
2:10 PM LHC Machine Status
Sergio Bertolucci (on behalf of F. Bordry)
2:25 PM M&O Scrutiny Group Report
Christos Touramanis (Chair, Scrutiny Group)
CERN-RRB-2014-074 (rev) CERN-RRB-2014-108 (slides)
2:40 PM Summary
Sergio Bertolucci