13-18 December 2015
International Conference Centre Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Creation of Emergent Universe with Wormholes

14 Dec 2015, 14:21
Level -1, Room 16 (International Conference Centre Geneva)

Level -1, Room 16

International Conference Centre Geneva

17 Rue de Varembé, 1211 Geneva


Dr. Bikash Chandra PAUL (University of North Bengal)


Emergent universe (EU) scenarios describe the evolution of a static Einstein universe in the infinite past whereby certain problems associated with the big-bang singularity can be circumvented. A flat universe composed of interacting fluids with a non-linear equation of state within the EU scenario leads to a viable cosmological model accommodating the presently observed accelerating era, as well. In the present work we focus on the origin of such a EU scenario. By investigating the very early universe in the presence of gravitational instanton solutions, we show how a static Einstein universe emerges, leading to a cosmologically viable EU scenario in the framework of massive gravity. Our analysis leads to certain constraints on the model parameters for the feasibility of such a scenario.
Collaboration B. C. Paul and A. S. Majumdar

Primary author

Dr. Bikash Chandra PAUL (University of North Bengal)

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