13-18 December 2015
International Conference Centre Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Real-Time Evolution Of Relativistic Jets In Microquasars

16 Dec 2015, 17:17
Level 0, Room 23 (International Conference Centre Geneva)

Level 0, Room 23

International Conference Centre Geneva

17 Rue de Varembé, 1211 Geneva


Dr Pedro Luis Luque-Escamilla (Universidad de Jaén)


Jets appear in Astrophysics in very different environments and scales across the Universe, and they seem to share common features in all cases. Their study can then help us to understand a widespread outflow mechanism. However, their large-scale dynamics remain hidden to observation along human time scales because they usually develop too slowly, either because of their large sizes (in active galactic nuclei), or because of their slow velocities (in Herbie-Haro objects). However, microquasars combine both relatively short extensions and relativistic velocities, giving us the chance to better study the jet evolution and interaction with their environments in almost real time. Here we present, for the first time, an observational proof of such large-scale morphological changes in the case of GRS 1758-258. Archival radio observations have been used to conform a set of photograms of the evolution of such microquasar throughout two decades, confirming its structural variations that may be related to hydrodynamical instabilities. In addition, we have studied the prototypical microquasar 1E 1740.7-2942 in radio wavelengths to find out again changes in the jet morphology, that seem to be mainly originated by precession in this case. These results let us to confirm their up-to-now disputed Galactic nature and provide a benchmark for testing theoretical models accounting for relativistic jets dynamics and their interactions with the medium.

Primary author

Dr Pedro Luis Luque-Escamilla (Universidad de Jaén)


Dr Gustavo Romero (Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía, C.C.5, 1894 Villa Elisa, Buenos Aires, Argentina) Dr Josep Martí-Ribas (Universidad de Jaén) Dr José Martínez-Aroza (Universidad de Granada) Dr Juan Ramón Sánchez-Sutil (Research Group FQM-322) Dr Álvaro Muñoz-Arjonilla (Research Group FQM-322)

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