13-18 December 2015
International Conference Centre Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

A new intrinsic intrinsic 3 parameter correlation in Gamma Ray Bursts

14 Dec 2015, 15:03
Level 2, Room 7&8 (International Conference Centre Geneva)

Level 2, Room 7&8

International Conference Centre Geneva

17 Rue de Varembé, 1211 Geneva


Maria Dainotti (Stanford University)


An analysis of 176 GRBs with known redshift observed by Swift which present afterglow plateau revealed a new tri-parameter correlation (Lpeak,Lx,T*a) where Lpeak is the peak luminosity in the prompt emission, Lx is the luminosity at the end of the plateau emission and T*a is the rest frame time at the end of the plateau emission. We have already proven the intrinsic nature of the Lx- T*a (Dainotti et al. 2013a) and the Lpeak-Lx correlation (Dainotti et al. 2015b) through the Efron & Petrosian (1992) method. We here show the intrinsic slope of this new correlation whose intrinsic scatter is 10% less than the one for the Lx-T*a correlation, therefore this new relation can be more useful as a cosmological tool. In addition, we show how the separation between categories of GRB-SNe, X-ray Flashes and short GRBs with extended emission are displayed in the 3D space. It is advisable to divide the categories before using this correlation for cosmological study. Finally, we also present the Lpeak-T*90 correlation, where T90 is the time where the 90% of the prompt emission is emitted between 5% and 95%. This correlation is weaker than the Lpeak-T*a one, thus favoring the choice of T*a as a preferred time as a third parameter in the 3D mentioned correlation.
Collaboration Dainotti, Maria, Vahe' Petrosian, sergey Postnikov, Shigehiro Nagataki, Capozziello Salvatore

Primary author

Maria Dainotti (Stanford University)


Michal Ostrowski (Jagiellonian University) Prof. Salvatore Capozziello (University of Naples) Dr Sergey Postnikov (Bloomington University) Shigehiro NAGATAKI (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University) Vahe' Petrosian (Stanford University)

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