SAM3 UI feedback

513/R-068 (CERN)



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Main topics to discuss:

* SAM3 feedback

Present in the room: Eddie, Lionel, Pablo, Marian, Maarten (last to arrive)

Remote: David, Pepe

Apologies: Alessandra, Nicolo, Andrea, Luca

Minutes taken by Pablo

Volunteers for future minutes: Nicolo, Julia, Maarten


Pablo: It looks like this is going to be short meeting. The speakers did not have time to upload their material. ATLAS and CMS representatives did fill up the wiki, and could not be present, so, if people agree, we will postpone the talks and discussion for next week.

Everybody: Agreed.




David: I've seen that in the validation wiki there is a comparison for the T1. Do you have something similar for T2?

Pablo: Good point, we will put that also on the wiki



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