Mar 23 – 29, 2015
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Semiconductor switch designs

Mar 26, 2015, 11:10 AM
ROOM A (Marriott Georgetown Hotel)


Marriott Georgetown Hotel


Mike Barnes (CERN)

Abstract title

Most existing kicker systems at CERN rely on technologies which include thyratron switches and pulse-forming networks/lines (PFN/PFL). For thyratrons, long-term availability is a real concern: an alternative fast-switch technology is required. PFNs are complex devices built of many discrete components, difficult to adjust for optimisation of pulse-shapes, and PFLs rely on difficult-to-source cable for the highest voltage (~80 kV) kicker systems. Solid state switch technology may allow PFN/PFLs to be replaced, in addition the technology will be needed for FCC kicker generators for reasons of high reliability, modularity, cost, radiation resistance and maintainability. This paper details some of the requirements for FCC injection and extraction (dump) kickers, and then briefly discusses the need for development of semiconductor switches, possible semiconductor switch topologies, and other, related, research and development required.

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