Study of the Lambda_b decay properties with the ATLAS experiment

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WG5 Heavy Flavours


Dick Greenwood Jr (Louisiana Tech University (US))


The ATLAS detector at the LHC is collecting - among others - a large statistics of Lambda_b decays, allowing the study of production, decay modes and decay properties of this b-flavored hadron. This statistics is what allowed one of the most precise measurements of the Lambda_b lifetime. We will review ATLAS' latest results on the decay properties of this baryon, including new decay modes and measurement of the parity violating asymmetry parameter alpha_b in Lambda_b -> Lambda J/psi obtained from the study of angular correlations in the p pi- mu+ mu- final state. The measurement is compared to predictions based on perturbative QCD and heavy quarks effective theory.

Primary author

Dick Greenwood Jr (Louisiana Tech University (US))

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