Impact of global direct photon data on the gluon distribution function

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WG1 Structure Functions and Parton Densities


nobuo sato (jlab)


In this talk we will discuss the phenomenology of direct photon production using theoretical predictions at \emph{next-to-leading order} with threshold resummation up to \emph{next-to-leading-logarithmic} accuracy. By analyzing the global data sets of direct photons, we found good agreement between the theory and the data for a wide range of energies ($\sqrt{s}=23$ GeV up to $7$ TeV) if we exclude the data from E706 experiment. We have studied the potential impact of direct photon data on parton distribution functions using a Bayesian reweighting approach. A reduction of $10\%$ around $0.3

Primary author


Joseph Owens (Florida State University)

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