MEIC Detector and Interaction Region at JLab

28 Apr 2015, 14:00


WG7 Future experiments WG7 Future experiments


Dr Zhiwen Zhao (JLab & Old Dominion University)


The Electron-Ion Collider (EIC) is envisioned as the next-generation US facility for exploring the strong interaction. The Medium-energy EIC (MEIC) is the first stage of the EIC at Jefferson Lab (JLab). aimed at mapping the spin and spatial structure of the quark and gluon sea in the nucleon, understanding the emergence of hadronic matter from color charge, and probing the gluon fields in nuclei. A full-acceptance detector is designed to measure the complete final state. Its interaction region allows spectators tagged with high resolution to catch all nuclear and partonic target fragments. The combination of a high luminosity, polarized lepton and ion beams, and detectors fully integrated with the accelerator will allow MEIC a unique opportunity to make a breakthrough in nucleon structure and QCD dynamics.

Primary author

Dr Zhiwen Zhao (JLab & Old Dominion University)

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