Recent Spin structure results from inclusive electron scattering experiments at Jefferson Lab.

29 Apr 2015, 16:40


WG6 Spin Physics WG6 Spin Physics


Nilanga Liyanage (University of Virginia (US))


Jefferson lab is well known for its high quality, high polarization electron beam. Jefferson lab polarized beam, combined with the range of polarized proton, deuteron and 3He targets in experimental halls A, B and C, allows for high precision exploration of spin structures of both proton and neutron in the low to intermediate Q2 region. The impact of Jefferson lab precision spin data is especially significant in the high x_Bj valence quark region, where the availability of previous world is rather limited. Many exciting new results on spin structure functions g1 and g2, virtual photon asymmetry A1, and the moments of the spin structure functions have recently become available from halls A, B and C for both neutron and proton. I will be presenting results from hall A experiments small angle GDH (E97-110) and g2p (E08-027), hall B experiments EG1b, EG1-DVCS and EG4 as well as from hall C SANE (E07-003) experiment.

Primary author

Nilanga Liyanage (University of Virginia (US))

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