Extraction of the distribution function $h^{\perp}_{1T}$ from experimental data

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WG6 Spin Physics


Alexei Prokudin (Jefferson Lab)


We attempt an extraction of the pretzelosity distribution ($h^{\perp}_{1T}$) from preliminary COMPASS, HERMES, and JLAB experimental data on $\sin(3\phi_h - \phi_S)$ asymmetry on proton, and effective deuteron and neutron targets. The resulting distributions, albeit with big errors, for the first time show tendency for up-quark pretzelosity to be positive and down-quark pretzelosity to be negative. A model relation of pretzelosity distribution and orbital angular momentum of quarks is used to estimate contributions of up and down quarks.

Primary author

Alexei Prokudin (Jefferson Lab)


Christopher Lefky (Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska 68102, USA)

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