Measurement of D* photoproduction at three different centre-of-mass energies at HERA

29 Apr 2015, 12:00


WG5 Heavy Flavours WG5 Heavy Flavours


Matthew Wing (UCL)


The photoproduction of $D^{*\pm}$ mesons has been measured with the ZEUS detector at HERA at three different $ep$ centre-of-mass energies, $\sqrt{s}$, of 318, 251 and 225\,GeV. For each data set, $D^{*\pm}$ mesons were required to have transverse momentum, $p_T^{D^*}$, and pseudorapidity, $\eta^{D^*}$, in the ranges $1.9 < p_T^{D^*} < 20$ GeV and $|\eta^{D^*}|<1.6$. The events were required to have a virtuality of the incoming photon, $Q^2$, of less than 1 GeV$^2$. The dependence on $\sqrt{s}$ was studied by normalising to the high-statistics measurement at $\sqrt{s} =318$ GeV. This led to the cancellation of a number of systematic effects both in data and theory. Predictions from next-to-leading-order QCD describe the $\sqrt{s}$ dependence of the data well.

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