Medium Energy Electron Ion Collider at Jefferson Lab

28 Apr 2015, 09:25


WG7 Future experiments WG7 Future experiments


He Zhang (Jefferson Lab)


At Jefferson Lab, the conceptual design of a next generation facility, the medium energy electron ion collider (MEIC), to reach the frontier in Quantum Chromodynamics has been carried on for years. The MEIC will provide an electron beam with energy up to 10 GeV, a proton beam with energy up to 100 GeV, and heavy ion beams with corresponding energy per nucleon with the same magnetic rigidity. The center-of-mass energy goes up to 70 GeV. Both the proton beam and the light-ion beams have high polarization above 70%. Two detectors, a primary one with full acceptance and a high-luminosity one with less demanding specification, are proposed. With the implementation of the traditional electron cooling in both the ion booster ring and the ion collider ring, particularly ultrahigh luminosity close to 1034 cm-2s-1 per detector with large acceptance can be achieved. We will present the recent progress in MEIC design.

Primary author

He Zhang (Jefferson Lab)

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