Local: Julia, Luca, Marian, Nicolo, Alberto, Stefan, Hassen, Maarten, Andrea, Alessandro, Lionel, Eddy, Michail, Tony, Ivan K. (last to arrive) 
Remote: David, Alessandra, Thomas, Salvatore

Minutes taken by Stefan

Actions for September 
    - Reports from REBUS being worked on 

Update on SAM3 integration (Presentation by Pablo)
    - Prod and PreProd running with SAM3 (in addition to SAM2) 
    - Simplification of profiles (merge different “flavors” of e.g. CE  (ARC, OSG, CREAM) into one)
    - SiteAvailability, ATLAS has the means to inject it’s view of site availabilities into a dedicated profile as seen from the VO distributed computing

FTS3 Monitoring (Presentation by Hassen)
    - The monitoring has the possibility to split between different activities. E.g. for CMS this splitting information will be provided before start of Run2. 
    - Michail, for what concerns the plotting of shares FTS3 does not have a configuration a priori for shares. The monitoring will show the actual status but there are no shares compared against. 
    - Julia: in case of mixing states and VOs in one plot one may give different grades of the same colour to each VO. 
    - Alberto: when do you expect feedback? Hasen, invite experiments to see the dashboard and the interface and get back on a ticket (see slides)

Next meeting in 3 weeks (31 Oct) on nagios configuration by Marian.