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Study of CME and Solar Flare parameters and their relations to Forbush decreases during 24 solar cycle.

Aug 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
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Tomasz Seredyn (Polish Air Force Academy)


In the paper we statistically inspect Forbush decreases, CMEs, Solar Flares and geomagnetic variations during the solar cycle 24 and compare them with earlier cycles and discuss Sun-Earth system response to extreme solar events and space weather. Data from different spacecrafts, GOES X-ray and LASCO coronograph images were used together with neutron monitor network recordings. The observed galactic cosmic ray modulation is modest compared to previous cycles.
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Primary author

Tomasz Seredyn (Polish Air Force Academy)


Dr Jerzy Biały (Polish Air Force Academy) Dr Zbigniew Kobyliński (Polish Air Force Academy)

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