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Gammapy: An open-source Python package for gamma-ray astronomy

Aug 4, 2015, 4:00 PM
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Axel Donath (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg) Christoph Deil (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)


In the past decade imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope arrays such as H.E.S.S., MAGIC, VERITAS, as well as the Fermi-LAT space telescope have provided us with detailed images and spectra of the gamma-ray universe for the first time. Currently the gamma-ray community is preparing to build the next-generation Cherenkov Telecope Array (CTA), which will be operated as an open observatory. Gammapy (available at https://github.com/gammapy/gammapy under the open-source BSD license) is a new in-development Astropy affiliated package for high-level analysis and simulation of astronomical gamma-ray data. It is built on the scientific Python stack (Numpy, Scipy, matplotlib and scikit-image) and makes use of other open-source astronomy packages such as Astropy, Sherpa, gammalib and Naima to provide a flexible set of tools for gamma-ray astronomers. We present an overview of the current Gammapy features and example analyses on real as well as simulated gamma-ray datasets. We would like Gammapy to become a community-developed project and a place of collaboration between scientists interested in gamma-ray astronomy with Python. Contributions welcome!
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Primary author

Axel Donath (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)


Christoph Deil (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg) Mr Ellis Owen (MSSL-UCL Astrophysics) Dr Joachim Hahn (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg) Manuel Paz Arribas (KIPAC, Stanford) Mr Ramin Marx (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg) Dr Regis Terrier (C) Dr Rolf Buehler (DESY Zeuthen)

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