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The KM3NeT Multi-PMT Digital Optical Module

Jul 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
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Dr Daan van Eijk (Nikhef) R Bruijn (Nikhef)


The KM3NeT collaboration is currently constructing the first phase of a cubic kilometer-scale neutrino detector in the Mediterranean Sea. The basic detection element, the Digital Optical Module (DOM), houses 31 three-inch PMT’s inside a 17 inch glass sphere. This multi-PMT concept yields a factor three increase in photocathode area, compared to a design with a single 10 inch PMT, leading to a significant cost reduction. Moreover, this concept allows for an accurate measurement of the light intensity (photon counting) and offers directional information with an almost isotropic field of view. We will discus these aspects and the enabling technologies, which include 3D-printed support structures, and custom low-powered PMT bases, which provide the HV and digitization of the analog signal. An FPGA based readout system transfers all sub-ns timestamped photon signals to shore via optical fibers. The DOM design has been validated and its physics potential have been proven in currently operational prototypes deployed in the French and Italian sites at 2500m and 3500m depth respectively.
Collaboration KM3NeT
Registration number following "ICRC2015-I/" 797

Primary author

R Bruijn (Nikhef)


Dr Daan van Eijk (Nikhef)

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