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July 29, 2015 to August 6, 2015
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SLAC T-510: A beam-line experiment of radio emission from particle cascades in the presence of a magnetic field

Aug 1, 2015, 2:00 PM
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Churchillplein 10 2517 JW Den Haag The Netherlands
Oral contribution CR-EX Parallel CR11 Radio


Dr Konstantin Belov (JPL, Caltech)


Radio detection is a technique of great interest for detecting ultra-high energy cosmic rays. Models of radio emission from extensive air showers, based solely on principles of classical electrodynamics, were developed in recent years. The SLAC T-510 experiment was conducted in January-February of 2014 using an electron beam to validate these models in a laboratory environment. Secondary cascades were induced by a 4.35 GeV electron beam in a polyethylene target in presence of a controlled magnetic field of up to 1000 G to mimic the geomagnetic field. The radio emission was measured in both vertical and horizontal linear polarizations by UHF and VHF antennas at different locations relative to the cascade. The experimental results, are in very good agreement with the models. The results and the models are described in details in separate contributions to this conference. The emission associated with the Askaryan component as well as the emission associated with the magnetic field were observed. A brief description of the experiment as well as the main results will be discussed.
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Primary author

Dr Konstantin Belov (JPL, Caltech)


Prof. Abigail Vieregg (University of Chicago) Dr Adrew Romero-Wolf (JPL, Caltech) Anne Zilles (KIT) Benjamin Rotter (University of Hawaii: Manoa) Mr Benjamin Strutt (UCL) Dr Brian Flint Rauch (NASA-Natl. Aeronaut. & Space Admin. (US)) Dr Carsten Hast (SLAC) Dr Charles Naudet (JPL, Caltech) Dr Chin-Hao Chen (NTU) Christopher Williams Prof. David Besson (University of Kansas) David Saltzberg (Univ. of California Los Angeles (US)) David Seckel (University of Delaware) Mr David Urdaneta (UCLA) Harm Schoorlemmer (University of Hawaii) Mrs Jessica Stockham (University of Kansas) Prof. Jiwoo Nam (NTU) Mr Joe Lam (UCLA) Dr John Clem (Washington University) Ms Katharine Murley (University of Delaware) Keith Bechtol (University of Chicago) Dr Keith Jobe (SLAC) Kyle Borch (UCLA) Mr Kyle Kuwatani (UCLA) Mr Mark Stockham (University of Kansas) Martin Israel (Washington University) Prof. Peter Gorham (University of Hawaii) Prof. Pisin Chen (NTU) Ms Rachel Hyneman (College of William & Mary) Prof. Robert Binns (Washington University) Ryan Nichol (UCL) Stefan Funk (Stanford University and SLAC) Dr Stephanie Wissel (UCLA) Tim Huege (KIT) Dr TsungChe Liu (NTU) Dr Viatcheslav Bugaev (Washington University)

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