perfSONAR Operations Meeting (03 Oct 2014)
Chaired by: Dr. McKee, Shawn; Babik, Marian

Attending: Shawn McKee, Frederique Chollet, Jason Zurawski, Frederic Schaer, Ian Gable, Ewan MacMahon, Sinan Kuday, Enrico Mazzoni, Alessandra Forti, Alessandro de Salvo, Chris Walker, Duncan Rand, Bruno Hoeft, Laurent Caillat-Vallet
at CERN: Stefan Stancu, Felix Lee, Marian Babik

The meeting purpose was to:

Doodle for next meeting:

List of actions:


Marian presented status of actions from last meeting, Shawn presented the new perfSONAR documentation as well as IPv6 and Tier-3 status. 

On documentation:

Most of the discussion was focused on closing down ports 80 and 443, we have agreed that since this restricts the current functionality, we will make it optional (assuming sites won't disable yum auto update). We have also agreed to remove old ports from the iptables configuration as this can be followed up by the perfSONAR developers.  

Bruno and Ewan volunteered to test the instructions and send us feedback.



The current proposal is to recommend the following to Tier-3s: 



We have asked for comments on abstract.