Jun 13 – 19, 2015
University of Alberta
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Three-dimensional scanning near field optical microscopy imaging of random arrays of copper nanoparticles and their use for plasmonic solar cell enhancement

Jun 17, 2015, 10:00 AM
CCIS L1-047 (University of Alberta)

CCIS L1-047

University of Alberta

Oral (Student, In Competition) / Orale (Étudiant(e), inscrit à la compétition) Condensed Matter and Materials Physics / Physique de la matière condensée et matériaux (DCMMP-DPMCM) W1-6 Devices (DCMMP) / Dispositifs (DPMCM)


Mr Sabastine Ezugwu (The University of Western Ontario)


In order to investigate the suitability of random arrays of nanoparticles for plasmonic enhancement in the visible-near infrared range, we introduced three-dimensional scanning near-field optical microscopy (3D-SNOM) imaging as a useful technique to probe the intensity of near-field radiation scattered by random systems of nanoparticles at heights up to several hundred nm from their surface [1]. We demonstrated our technique using random arrays of copper nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) at different particle diameter and concentration. Bright regions in the 3D-SNOM images, corresponding to constructive interference of forward-scattered plasmonic waves, were obtained at heights Δz ≥ 220 nm from the surface for random arrays of Cu-NPs of about 60–100 nm in diameter. These heights are too large to use Cu-NPs in contact of the active layer for light harvesting in thin organic solar cells, which are typically no thicker than 200 nm. Using a 200 nm transparent spacer between the system of Cu-NPs and the solar cell active layer, we demonstrate that forward-scattered light can be conveyed in 200 nm thin film solar cells. This architecture increases the solar cell photoconversion efficiency by a factor of 3. Our 3D-SNOM technique is general enough to be suitable for a large number of other applications in nanoplasmonics. ________ [1] S. Ezugwu, H. Ye and G. Fanchini, Nanoscale 7 (2015) 252-260.

Primary author

Mr Sabastine Ezugwu (The University of Western Ontario)


Prof. Giovanni Fanchini (The University of Western Ontario) Mr Hanyang Ye (The University of Western Ontario)

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