Jun 13 – 19, 2015
University of Alberta
America/Edmonton timezone
Welcome to the 2015 CAP Congress! / Bienvenue au congrès de l'ACP 2015!

Photodetection with SiPM in particle physics and materials science

Jun 16, 2015, 4:30 PM
CCIS 1-160 (University of Alberta)

CCIS 1-160

University of Alberta

Oral (Non-Student) / orale (non-étudiant) Instrumentation and Measurement Physics / Physique des instruments et mesures (DIMP-DPIM) T3-8 Advanced Instrumentation at Major Science Facilities: Detectors I (DIMP) / Instrumentation avancée dans des installations scientifiques majeures: détecteurs I (DPIM)


Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF)


Pixelated Geiger-mode avalanche photo-diodes also called silicon photo-multipliers (SiPMs) are replacing traditional vacuum photo-multiplier tubes (PMTs) in numerous applications in subatomic physics, medical imaging and condensed matter. They have several advantages being insensitive to magnetic field, having higher efficiency, more uniform gain, and being more compact. However, they still cannot compete with PMTs for application requiring large areas of photo-detection at room temperature. We will describe their characteristics and performances and show a few specific applications in particle physics, condensed matter and medical imaging.

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