Jun 13 – 19, 2015
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No "End of Greatness": Superlarge Structures and the Dawn of Brane Astronomy

Jun 15, 2015, 2:45 PM
CAB 239 (University of Alberta)

CAB 239

University of Alberta

Oral (Non-Student) / orale (non-étudiant) Theoretical Physics / Physique théorique (DTP-DPT) M1-4 Theoretical Astrophysics (DTP) / Astrophysique théorique (DPT)


Dr Rainer Dick (University of Saskatchewan)


Several groups have recently reported observation of large scale structures which exceed the size limits expected from standard structure formation in a 13.8 billion years old LambdaCDM universe. On the other hand, the concept of crosstalk between overlapping 3-branes carrying gauge theories was recently introduced in arXiv:1502.03754[hep-th]. Crosstalk impacts the redshift of signals from brane overlap regions by making signals with the redshift z of the overlap region appear to have lower or higher redshift, depending on the electromagnetic crosstalk couplings. This leads to brane induced appearance of structure in redshift observations. The Lyman-alpha forest is a natural candidate to look for brane overlap at redshift z<6.

Primary author

Dr Rainer Dick (University of Saskatchewan)

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