22-29 July 2015
Europe/Vienna timezone

Searching for anomalous top quark couplings and decays with the ATLAS detector

Jul 24, 2015, 9:36 AM


talk Top and Electroweak Physics Top and Electroweak Physics


Joseph Boudreau (University of Pittsburgh (US))


The top quark is the heaviest known fundamental particle and probing its couplings with the other fundamental particle may open a window to physics beyond the Standard Model. Searches for flavour changing neutral current top quark decays using the full 2012 ATLAS dataset are presented. In addition, single top events are used to probe for anomalous couplings between the top quark and the light quarks and gluons. In addition, a new measurement using the 2011 ATLAS dataset is presented, where measurements of the different topquark pair final states are used to measure the branching ratios of the top quark decay modes.

Primary author

Judith Katzy (DESY, HAMBURG)

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