22-29 July 2015
Europe/Vienna timezone

Higgs lepton flavour violation

Jul 24, 2015, 10:10 AM
Großer Festsaal

Großer Festsaal

talk Higgs and New Physics Higgs and New Physics


Juan Herrero Garcia (KTH)


We study lepton flavor violating Higgs decays in the light of the recent enhancement in the τμ channel, which should be confirmed/excluded with data from the second run of the LHC. From an EFT perspective we study both tree-level and loop-level realizations that can in principle accommodate the excess, being at the same time compatible with other low-energy constraints. We also discuss different HLFV in the context of neutrino mass models. We discuss which are the most promising options that can explain the excess. In particular, we find that loop-level realizations are always too suppressed, while a 2HDM can explain the enhancement.

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Work in progress, to be finished by the conference.

Primary author


Arcadi Santamaria Nuria Rius (Valencia University)

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