September 30, 2015 to October 3, 2015
Yerevan, Armenia
Etc/GMT+4 timezone

Nuclear pairing from microscopic forces: singlet channels and higher-partial waves

Oct 2, 2015, 2:00 PM
Main Hall, Guesthouse

Main Hall, Guesthouse


Dr Paolo Finelli (University of Bologna)


Pairing gaps [1] in isospin-symmetric nuclear matter and neutron matter are investigated using the chiral nucleon-nucleon potential at the N$^3$LO order in the two-body sector [2] and the N$^2$LO order in the three-body sector [2,3]. After a short introduction to chiral potentials and related techniques (renormalization group approaches [4]), we present results for the singlet channel ($^1S_0$) and higher partial coupled waves ($^3PF_2$ and $^3SD_1$) [5]. The role of three-body forces and other many-body correlations is discussed in comparison with available {\it ab-initio} microscopic calculations [1,6] whenever is possible. We will also show **(a)** a preliminary analysis of the Cooper pair wavefunctions and **(b)** the extension of our formalism to finite temperature in connection with neutron star cooling mechanisms. [1] D.J. Dean and M. Hjorth-Jensen, Rev. of Mod. Phys. **75** (2003) 607 [2] R. Machleidt and D.. Entem, Phys. Rept. **503** (2011) 1 [3] J.W. Holt, N. Kaiser and W. Weise, Phys. Rev. C **81** (2010) 024002 [4] S.K. Bogner, R.J. Furnstahl, A. Schwenk, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. **65** (2010) 94 [5] S. Maurizio, J.W. Holt and P. Finelli, Phys. Rev. C **90** (2014) 044003 [6] S. Gandolfi, A.Y. Illarionov, K.E. Schmidt, F. Pederiva and S. Fantoni, Phys. Rev. C **79** (2009) 054005

Primary author

Dr Paolo Finelli (University of Bologna)


Dr Jeremy W. Holt (University of Washington) Dr Stefano Maurizio (University of Bern)

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