MultiCore R&D Meeting

32/S-C22 (CERN)



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Presents Atlas (.,.,.) giulio, kate,xin, marc, andrej, fons, gerry, vi Marc presented is work on shared memory (see the attached presentation) Discussion: Fons reminded us that root uses serialization to share histograms in mmap (search for TMAP for more info). root overloads the new/delete operator and checks on the position of the shared segment to identify where the memory has been allocated Atlas will restart the investigation of the use of shared condition for the HLT. Marc will continue his work to produce a toolkit to be reviewed first internally and then by the experiments. Marc identified few useful tools that can help debug and understanding when dealing with multi-process and shared memory. We shall try to publicize them and eventually package them as standard SFT tools. Round table Giulio is progressing with the test of big-libraries, he expect to have results worth to be presented in a couple of weeks. Kate is adapting Lassi/Giulio performance tool to perfmon/intel. On the subject Andrej reported that the "perfmon wrapper script" has been improved and will be soon distributed with quattuor. Andrej also reported that OpenLab is starting a project with HP to investigate the use of CT in HEP. CT itself is evolving and a new version shall be available soon. Gerry said that he is investigating the use of proof-lite on some dedicated hardware (multi-cpu, multi-disk). He expects results in september. On the same timescale the root team should be able to report on design and results of the use of shared memory in I/O. Next meeting is scheduled for July 17 (same time, same venue)
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    • 10:30 AM 11:00 AM
      Study of a prototype for Shared Memory use in LHC software frameworks: first results and plan of work 30m
      Speaker: Mr Marc Magrans De Abril (CERN)
    • 11:00 AM 12:30 PM
      Round Table discussion 1h 30m
      Speaker: All