13-26 September 2015
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology
Europe/Athens timezone

Achieving dependable software through Continuous Delivery and Quality Monitoring

25 Sep 2015, 10:15
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology

Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology



Kamil Henryk Krol (CERN)


During the short presentation i would like to highlight the importance of Continuous Delivery processes which facilitate software development. As i have only 5-10 minutes, it will have a form of a simple story from software developer life. Official abstract for "1st developers @ CERN": The TE-MPE-MS Software team is a small group of people responsible for developing software for machine protection. Main projects include mostly software for the equipment supervision and testing. The usage of the Scrum methodology involves getting clients’ feedback as soon as possible which pushed the requirement to integrate all the time and deliver software in small chunks. To meet these requirements the team successfully implemented Continuous Integration and Delivery processes using multiple open source and proprietary products including: Gradle, Flyway, JUnit+Mockito, SonarQube and Bamboo. The idea for the presentation is to present our implementation of the CI/CD paradigms and explain on real live examples advantages and drawbacks of the current solution. During the presentation we will try to cover all the required steps which should automatically triggered by a developer’s commit. The presentation should give users a good hands-on experience on basic CI/CD principles and allow them to design and implement simple software delivery platform.

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