14-16 September 2015
University "La Sapienza", Physics Department
Europe/Rome timezone

The Control Unit of KM3NeT Data Acquisition

15 Sep 2015, 12:33
Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor (University "La Sapienza", Physics Department)

Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor

University "La Sapienza", Physics Department

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 2 - 00185 Roma - Italy


Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno)


KM3NeT is a future research infrastructure hosting a new generation neutrino telescope located at the bottom of the deep seas of the Mediterranean. With the KM3NeT telescope, scientists will search for cosmic neutrinos to study highly energetic objects in the Universe. A new initiative is to extend the research facility with a neutrino detector dedicated to measure the properties of the high-energy neutrino particles themselves. Control of the KM3NeT data acquisition processes is handled by the KM3NeT Control Unit, which has been designed maximising the detector live time, with specified data-taking campaigns. The Control Unit features software programs with different roles, following the philosophy of having no single point of failure. While all programs are interconnected, each one is also able to work alone for most of the time in case other services are unavailable. By means of the Local Authentication Provider, all services can share login and user interface session information, thus providing a single but modular infrastructure. A Master Control Program coordinates all actions in the Control Unit. All services run on the Common Language Runtime which ensures portability, flexibility and automatic memory management. Each service has an embedded Web server, providing a user interface as well as programmatic access to data and functions. Data to and from detector components for monitoring and management purposes are transmitted using a custom designed protocol. The Control Unit is interfaced to one or more Message Dispatchers to control the data acquisition chain and to route data streams to the Data Base. We will report on the details of the design and implementation of the KM3NeT data acquisition Control Unit.

Primary author

Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno)

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