Oct 12 – 16, 2015
Brookhaven National Laboratory
America/New_York timezone

Space usage monitoring for distributed heterogeneous data storage systems.

Oct 15, 2015, 10:00 AM
Bldg. 510 - Physics Department Large Seminar Room (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Bldg. 510 - Physics Department Large Seminar Room

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Upton, NY 11973
Storage & Filesystems Storage and Filesystems


Natalia Ratnikova (Fermilab)


Prior to LHC Run 2 CMS collected over 100 PB of physics data on the distributed storage facilities outside CERN, and the storage capacity will considerably increase in the next years. During the Run 2 the amount of storage allocated to individual users analysis data will reach up to 40% of the total space pledged by the CMS sites. CMS Space Monitoring system is developed to give a comprehensive view of storage usage across distributed CMS sites, including centrally managed experiment data and individual users data not accounted centrally, as one common namespace.
We discuss general architecture and the components of the system, as well as the challenges we met in the process of deploying and operating the system at CMS Tier-1 and Tier-2 sites.
Length of presentation (max. 20 minutes) 20

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