School of Analytic Computing in Theoretical High-Energy Physics

Atrani, Italy

Atrani, Italy

Claude Duhr (CERN) , Maria Cristina D'Amato (INFN) , Roberto Bonciani (Dipartimento di Fisica) , Vittorio Del Duca (Universita e INFN (IT))
In recent years, a huge progress has been made on computing rates for production processes of direct relevance to experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Crucial to that remarkable advance has been our understanding and ability to compute scattering amplitudes and cross sections. The aim of the School is to bring together young theorists working on the phenomenology of LHC physics with those working in more formal areas, and to provide them the analytic tools to compute amplitudes in gauge theories. The school is addressed to Ph.D. students and post-docs in Theoretical High-Energy Physics. 30 hours of lectures and 4 hours of tutorials will be delivered over the 6 days of the School.
  • Adele Naddeo
  • Amedeo Primo
  • Andrea Orta
  • Andrea Visconti
  • Andries Waelkens
  • Atanu Nath
  • Ben Ruijl
  • Bram Verbeek
  • Caterina Specchia
  • Claude Duhr
  • Damaso Colasante
  • David GREYNAT
  • Deniz Gizem Ozturk
  • Dmitry Chicherin
  • Edilson Alfonso Reyes Rojas
  • Emanuele Re
  • Francesco Moriello
  • Guy Jehu
  • Johannes Schlenk
  • Karthy Rajagopal
  • Marco Besier
  • Marco Di Mauro
  • Naresh Adhikari
  • Nicolas Deutschmann
  • Robert Whelan
  • Roberto Bonciani
  • Robin Marzucca
  • Silvia Davoli
  • Simone Lionetti
  • Stefan Druc
  • Stephan Jahn
  • Stephen Jones
  • Ulrich Schubert
  • William Javier Torres Bobadilla