6-8 April 2009
University of Oxford
Europe/London timezone

Gaps between jets

6 Apr 2009, 17:00
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre (University of Oxford)

Martin Wood Lecture Theatre

University of Oxford


Simone Marzani (University of Manchester)


We study the effects of QCD radiation on the cross section for the production of two jets with a cut on the transverse momentum of any radiation in the rapidity gap between them at the Large Hadron Collider. This is process is of a great phenomenological interest on its own, and moreover it closely related to Higgs production in WBF. A deep understading of this calculation is also very import from a more theoretical point of view because of the recent discover of "super-leading" logarithms due to non-global effects.

Primary author

Simone Marzani (University of Manchester)

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