EGEE PEB meeting 22nd August 2003 Present: Fabrizio Gagliardi (Project director) Bob Jones (Technical director) Guy Wormser (Applications) Frederic Hemmer (mware re-engineering) Fredrik Hedman (security) Ian Bird (grid operations) Excused: Gabriel Zaquine (quality assurance), Malcolm Atkinson (dissemination) This was the first meeting of the EGEE PEB and Fab reminded the participants of the mandate of the PEB and how it operates within the overall project management structure. PEB mode of operation: PEB should meet weekly until end of October to ensure successful negotiation process then move to a meeting every two weeks until the end of the 2003 and reassess the situation for January-April. Once the project has started (April 2004) there will be weekly meetings. A telephone conference will be organized for each meeting and minutes will be kept along with an action list. If PEB members cannot participate in a PEB meeting they should make this know to the Project Office beforehand and send a deputy sufficiently familiar with the status of the activities concerned to provide useful input and be empowered to take decisions. Meetings will be a maximum 2 hours long - the regular slot will be 15:00 to 17:00 on Thursday but this may be modified exceptionally. At CERN will be held in 600-r-002. The PEB are expected to interact daily during the preparation of the TA. Status of TA: Bob summarised the situation of the TA During the discussion the following points were clarified: Russia will be considered as a federation and we need to clarify how the cut of 1Meuros will be distributed across NA and SA activities. Discussed how to handle the 4.5Meuro budget cut for SA1. Ian and Bob will distribute an updated excel table as requested by the executive committee. At Proposal time we used the concept of virtual FTEs (100Keuros/year per FTE) but in the TA we need to be more specific in terms of true budget including unfunded contributions. Priorities for TA: answering questions raised by EU, essentially SA1, JRA1 and dissemination. Next PEB meeting: Wednesday 27th August 17:00-18:00 to review the status of the TA.