12-16 September 2005
University of Liverpool
Europe/Zurich timezone

Contribution List

134 / 134
Prof. Paul Nolan (University of Liverpool)
12/09/2005, 14:00
Invited Talk
Prof. Jon Saunders (University of Liverpool Pro Vice Chancellor for Research)
12/09/2005, 14:10
Invited Talk
Mr Martin O'Brien (UKAEA Fusion Programme Manager)
12/09/2005, 14:30
Invited Talk
Prof. Richard Wade (PPARC Deputy Chief Executive and Director Programmes)
12/09/2005, 15:00
Invited Talk
Dr Gerhard Lutz (MPI Semiconductor Laboratory)
12/09/2005, 16:00
Pixel Detectors for Charged Particles
Invited Talk
Prof. Robert Lewis (Monash University, Australia)
13/09/2005, 11:00
New Techniques for Positron Emission Tomography
Invited Talk
Prof. Colin Cunningham (Director, Technological Development, Royal Obervatory)
13/09/2005, 13:30
Applications in Astronomy and Astrophysics
Invited Talk
The future requirements for Astronomy and Astrophysics sensor development covering the sub-mm to X-ray range will be discussed.
Prof. Colin Whitehouse (CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory)
14/09/2005, 15:45
Invited Talk
Dr Nigel Rhodes
15/09/2005, 09:00
New Gas-based Tracking Detectors
Invited Talk
Prof. Timothy Sumner (Imperial College London)
15/09/2005, 11:15
Detectors for Astro-Particle Physics
Invited Talk
Dr Andrew Holland (Brunel University)
15/09/2005, 16:00
Applications in Space Science
Invited Talk