International ROOT Workshop 2005 at CERN

Council Chamber

Council Chamber


The 2005 ROOT Users Workshop will be held at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, on 28, 29 and 30 September, 2005. The workshop topics are the use of ROOT as a general framework, feedback from experiments, progress with Object persistency, merge with SEAL Reflex, progress with the new version of CINT, progress with the Python interface, what is new with the Math libraries, distributed Data Analysis with PROOF, progress with GUIs and Graphics, progress with the new GL viewer, progress with the Geometry classes. The organizing committee is represented by Rene Brun (CERN), Philippe Canal (FNAL), Fons Rademakers (CERN), Nathalie Knoors (CERN). Workshop fee : 30 chf per participant.
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