Help fund this project to give children the opportunity of increasing their school marks in 3rd world countries

4/1-021 (CERN)



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TutorPal, was born from a personal experience, I personally was a lazy student at school, I knew I had potential, but needed a lot of pushing, my parents like many others wanted to help That's when paper agendas came in, every day teacher had the mission to write in the chalkboard what was supposed to be written down in the agenda that was: our daily homework, if we had to study, etc, but there was a problem, the professor could not write to every agenda of each student, so we had the "responsibility" to write what was in each class, which had to do at home and when it had to be done. of course, many agendas were incomplete and many got home incomplete. we took that idea, even in 3rd world schools use paper, and we all know what the future short-medium term, that role will disappear and will be replaced by some sort of digital medium. thats why TutorPal is born we devised a system where each teacher takes typical report card, but takes online reports back to each parent at one time, real-time scores of every child, behaviour, work and duties, exams and issues (medical, attendance issues etc.) Students must study, we know that many parents will love to keep track of what kids have to do every day, TutorPal gives teachers, parents to enable and disable alerts and has a rule method where they can only receive for example, grades equals or below C, gives class average, etc we are not willing to create a police for children, we think even the laziest student had prepared at least one presentation or exam, and were excited about shinning the next day at class, we are sure with TutorPal students will have the opportunity to shine everyday, we think all children have potential, we also want to increase academic level in poor places, our application is developed to run in old Android and iOS versions.

we make our best in doing cohesive functions and fast querying by recycling many of the stored information and prediction server rush hours, we will provide this service for free, we hope to give ourselves a name with this and hope ads will give enough to live. hope you like our project and we are willing to launch it asap. Kindest Regards

Thank you Kickstarter for approving our project, we have many lifes involved, and many children here who just dont want to give up, they dont want to be ending selling drugs to make money, we have more than a challenge, we have a mission, if we work together this will be a reality pretty soon, the pledge we ask isnt high, but its enough to reach the population we all want to get to. 


  • We have invested all in programming, we dont even make a video, because the main idea is not to show you a movie, or a cool short which costs hundreds of dollars, the idea is to improve the level of our students starting from Colombia South America, we want to remove the idea of easy money they have on their mind as they grow, the novels they watch on TV, we want to give them a chance, to prove them wrong, we know the can be great professionals who can led this country to modernisation. 

Give us a chance, give them a chance and feel free to ask me for a demo, we want you to give us your opinion, help us improve if you cant help us with money, thank you again ! this probably one of the best cause you can invest nowdays.

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