3-10 August 2016
Chicago IL USA
US/Central timezone
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Measuring the Higgs-charm coupling with heavy quarkonia

Aug 6, 2016, 6:00 PM
Riverwalk A/B

Riverwalk A/B

Poster Higgs Physics Poster Session


Dr Hee Sok Chung (Argonne National Laboratory)


We discuss the decays of the Higgs boson to an $S$-wave vector quarkonium plus a photon. The decay rate is sensitive to both the size and the phase information of the Higgs-charm coupling through quantum interference. We improve the theoretical predictions by resumming logarithms to next-to-leading log accuracy and by calculating relativistic corrections of order $v^2$, where $v$ is the heavy-quark velocity in the quarkonium rest frame. These refinements reduce the theoretical uncertainties in the decay rate and open the door to improved determinations at the LHC of the Higgs-boson Yukawa couplings to charm and bottom quarks.

Primary authors

Frank Petriello (Northwestern University) Geoffrey Bodwin (Argonne National Laboratory) Dr Hee Sok Chung (Argonne National Laboratory) Mr June-Haak Ee (Korea University) Jungil Lee (Korea University)

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